Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Sit Long. Talk Much. Laugh Often.

We saw this quote over a fireplace at Sandy Cove last month. After a quick online search, I was thrilled to discover an ebay store, called The Wood Taylor, that sells these simple signs! Mine arrived last week and I could hardly get the box open fast enough. It looked every bit as nice as I'd hoped, and I immediately cleared a place for it on our mantle.

To me, this quote expresses exactly how I want our guests to feel. Quality time is my love language and there's nothing I enjoy more than spending time with friends. I think Sit Long, Talk Much, Laugh Often is a good motto for a home, and it's quickly becoming ours!

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gail said...

i'm back to bloggyland (my computer had been on the fritz and i didn't have all my fav addresses). i have a sign with the same words that i bought over 15 years ago! i have wanted to repaint the words as they are carved out. its blue right now and i want it to match my colors now, either dark green or burgandy.