Monday, April 28, 2008

Come On People Now, Smile On Your Brother...

If I knew how to upload videos, I might have taken our camcorder to church yesterday. We had a BOOM (Bring One Or More) Sunday. Here's what I would have captured:

5. Our friends Mark and Jamie walking in.
No one else would care about that, but our small group. Still, it surprised the living daylights out of me and my gosh-darn-dumb emotions caused me to tear up. Some of you might've found my red nose amusing.

4. The coffee that nobody drank.
Our service is held in the basement, while the traditional service has the sanctuary. Coffee is only served upstairs. The leadership logic is that people from both services will mingle where the coffee is. Except they don't. Our people come downstairs and stay down there. So for this one Sunday, we got permission to have coffee in the basement. No one touched it. I think they figured it was an empty pot that got left out by accident.

3. Pastor Charlie's very short sermon
Coming from a church that was edging close to 2 hour services, I heart Charlie Summer's short sermons. I seriously doubt this one lasted past ten minutes. He rocks!

2. The skit
Oh yes, we had a skit. You have to have a skit on bring-a-friend week. I was honestly expecting a bad dialogue Christian skit. But this one was very well written. Everybody laughed at about the 3rd line in and it was a hit from there on out. Well done!

And Finally....The number 1 thing I would've posted on youtube:
1. The offertory - Get Together by the Youngbloods
Yep. Michael and the worship band sang this and it was awesome. We were passing the baskets and singing
"come on people now, smile on your brother
ev'rybody get together
try and love one another right now..."
It felt a little groovy, but it worked. And if I'd had my camera I would've panned across the congregation, because it's so much fun to see those older gentlemen in their suits and ties grinning and singing their hearts out in church.

Since you can't hear Michael and the worship band (and I'm truly sorry, because it was incredible!) I found this video on youtube, so you could at least get the song stuck in your head for a few hours.
; )

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