Monday, March 03, 2008

Who Cancelled My Week?

Last Sunday I remember warning Michael that we had a very full week. Since this past fall, I've tried to be careful not to fill up every single week night. It's become even more important since I'm working 3 Saturdays a month. Somehow, though, we were trying to fit in a bunch of things and ended up with something planned for every single night.

Someone somewhere took a look at my calendar and laughed. Probably out loud.

On Monday night, we were supposed to attend week 3 of our six week Lenten Bible Study. Unfortunately, Daniel had a bad cold and had not been sleeping well the previous two nights. We were both very tired, and decided not to go. Besides, we had a lot planned for the week.

Tuesday, we followed the plan.

On Wednesdays Michael has worship band practice. By 4 o'clock we learned that all the band members scheduled to play this week were out of town on business or otherwise unable to make it to practice. All except the 10 year old drummer, whose mother sent an email saying the rest of her family was sick, but she'd do her best to get him to practice. Michael cancelled practice.

Instead, we played volleyball down the stairs. It started with Daniel throwing the ball over the gate and me serving it back up to him. But then Brenna wanted to play. And Michael. We really just did it to hear Daniel laugh so hard every time the ball hit the wall.

(You'll have to forgive us for our ugly purple walls. They were that color when we moved in to this house, but we opted to paint the mustard yellow living room and the pink/white sponge painted kitchen first. The purple staircase is definitely in its final days, though.)

Thursday we had invited a family from church over for dinner.....but they got sick and had to cancel. We, who watch too much Food Network, saw Giada make donuts and decided that sounded like fun....They actually turned out pretty good....more like elephant ears or funnel cakes. Mmmmm....

Friday we had several friends planning to come over and play games, but a scheduling conflict caused everyone to decide it would be best to reschedule.

My warning last Sunday turned out to be unnecessary. We had a wonderfully fun week - just not the week we planned. ; )

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