Sunday, January 06, 2008

Sledding In Ohio

6 days without internet access is bit tough for one so addicted to her computer. The kids and I made a surprise trip to Ohio with my parents. Not everything went quite as planned.... somewhere around Pittsburgh their van got the shakes. That left the kids and I without transportation during our stay. Which was really ok because we went sled riding!!! Real sled riding! Down a real hill!

Where we live, we mostly get ice. When it does snow, you have to race outside and enjoy it because it'll be gone in no time. This snow fell on Tuesday and was still there on Friday! It's been a couple of years since there's been a good snow that didn't melt within 6 hours here. Even when we do get a good one though, we don't have a good hill close by. So it was a treat to be sled riding at Nana's.

The kids talked Papa (my dad) into going down a few times. Daniel would scream about getting onto the sled, but he laughed all the way down the hill.

Dad and Daniel went down the hill and wiped out...Brenna ran down to get the sled.

We only lasted about 20 minutes on the "slopes" that afternoon. The guy who owns the farm across the road from my grandparents was spreading manure over his fields, and the smell was beyond atrocious. I started to gag shortly after we got out there and had to go in so I didn't throw up. It was awful. I can't imagine living next to that. It bothers Nana most when she wants to be out in her pool, but the smell is overwhelming.

An old friend of the family fixed the van while we were there and it drove home beautifully. And speaking of cars, Michael took mine in to have the fan blower motor fixed while I was gone. It was making a loud crazy sound when we turned on the heat. Turns out we didn't need a new fan blower motor. Some squirrel (Chuck or Chuckie?) was using my car to store acorns for the winter! The fan area was stuffed full of acorns which didn't allow it to spin and thus, made that crazy sound. Much cheaper to fix, though!

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