Monday, January 14, 2008

And The Lists Go On

I found something fun today. Actually I didn't find it. Daniel did. Because of my latest living room rearrangement, he has access to our bookshelf. He discovered this new 'no-no' yesterday. I don't think the furniture will stay like this for much longer.

Today he brought me a blue journal with suns and stars all over it. It looked familiar, but I couldn't remember exactly why. Then I opened the cover and memories flooded out. The title page reads

"Michael and Julie's Book of Cool Phrases And Other Assorted Stuff".

Around six months after we started dating, we decided to keep a journal of the things we wanted to remember. We made lists of funny things we said or did. Places we went. Movies we saw. All kinds of things really. There aren't many details so it takes both of us to remember what all the entries refer to. For example, "the puzzle" refers to one we put together that ended up missing three pieces. And "too much snow" refers to the crazy amounts of snowfall we got during our first winter break from school. We weren't able to see each other for about two weeks...which was torture in those days. Oh, alright. It would be torture now too. : )

We have funny quotes listed, like the time Michael said "Put that in your pope and smike it!" instead of "Put that in your pipe and smoke it!" Or the time he said, "You don't know where that counter's been!" (I do not remember what that referred to, but it's still a strange statement.) We have tons of memories like getting apple fritters from the bakery, going to the Alan Jackson concert, karaoke in the student center, dressing up for Halloween, and eating tuna macaroni and cheese.

Then the book skips ahead to two months after our wedding. This list includes the fire alarm that went off on our wedding night, the little girl we babysat on occasion, the donut cake my father-in-law made for us, and all the strange things that went wrong on our honeymoon.

Again it jumps two years and this time the entries seem to center around our new house and all our friends. Speaking of which, they will no doubt remember the trip to Baltimore, where we all walked around for two hours in the rain looking for a place to eat dinner - finally settling on a Fuddruckers near where our walk began. The restaurant was decked out for Christmas. In August. It was a strange place.

There's one more set of memories and they begin in 2004. Brenna was 2 and the list includes as much as I could remember from the previous three years. My new car, becoming a stay at home mom, Dr. Phil, Brenna's sign language, Trading Spaces, small group baby boom, apple picking, and so much more. 3 pages worth.

Sometimes it does us good to take that walk down memory lane. I told Michael tonight, "I like our life." We have much to be thankful for. I think tomorrow I'll work on the next entry in the book.

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Room for Grace said...

Love that!
(Piper's got me speaking in 2 word phrases these days, it seems.)