Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A New Freezer

Last week we picked up my new freezer. I'm very excited over the potential here. : ) I can buy more meat in bulk to freeze in family size portions. Next year, we can freeze more corn and I can make more freezer jam. I'll probably see about making and freezing salsa, too, because Michael just about inhales it! We'll stock up on shredded cheese when it's on sale and not worry about whether it's going to fit. And most importantly, when I earn my almost-free turkey at Ukrops in November, I'll have a place to keep it!

We don't exactly have a place to put a small chest freezer. No garage. No basement. No screened back porch. Instead, we squeezed it into the breakfast nook area of our kitchen that we use as an office/sewing room/arts and crafts center. It's a tight fit and Brenna's desk got bumped to the living room, but it works for now.

As my kids get older I find myself doing more and more things that remind me of my own childhood. Like buying a freezer. Both of my grandparents have large freezers. They freeze all kinds of things. My dad's mom freezes everything. I mean everything. Even milk. My mom's mom freezes mostly meat and vegetables. And the best strawberry freezer jam in the world. (All my cousins will agree with that!)

And so I follow in the frozen foods tradition. Well, not all of them....I don't think I'll ever freeze a gallon of milk!


gail said...

oooooooo! i'm jealous. i have told my hubby that i want a chest freezer for the last couple years, but with a move on the horizon, we might wait til we get settled. i don't want to move more than i have to!

i had an old upright freezer when we were first married and loved it! it does make it so much easier to buy good deals on meats and stuff, and yes, freezer jam---mmm!

congrats on your new acquisition.

Michelle said...

we want to get a freezer too, It would go great with the cow my husband is raising to be beef some day. An experiment, NOT my idea.
Anyway . . we feeze milk all the time, all types -skim, 2%, whole. Works just fine for us.

Mary said...
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Mary said...

My parents gave us a freezer for Christmas last year and I felt like I'd won the lottery! Now opening the freezer above the fridge isn't like playing Russian Roulette. You don't have to wonder if you are going to be taken out by a package of frozen spinach. And yes, having a freezer does make me feel a bit like I'm turning into my mom and grandmothers. Who would have thought that getting a freezer would be a right of passage?