Thursday, August 02, 2007

Sharing a Crop

We have a very sweet older couple at our church. I'll call them Joe and Mary. Joe will turn 92 at the end of the month and Mary is in her late 70s, I think. During the five years we've been at this church, we've seen Joe's ability to get around slowly deteriorate. He can still walk, but it's slow. Nevertheless, he always has a big smile on his face and a cheerful disposition. Mary has just been baptized, though I believe she's been a Christian for many, many years.

During the summer months Joe and Mary often bring in vegetables from their garden. Some Sundays I'll leave the sanctuary to drop Daniel in the nursery and return to find a bag of zucchini in my seat. Other weeks Mary will catch me after our Wednesday night class and pass on a bag of tomatoes. It's very thoughtful and I always try to express my appreciation right then.

Last night, as I was unlocking my car, Joe and Mary pulled into the parking space beside mine. Joe rolled his window down and Mary asked if we like corn. Of course we like corn! We love corn! We could eat corn every night for weeks! I just knew a bag of fresh corn on the cob was about to make it's way to my car and I started getting very excited!

This is the conversation that followed:

Mary: We can't do anything about the worms on the ends. But the rest of it tastes real good! It has good seasoning.

Joe (teasingly): We don't charge any extra for the worms.

Mary (smiling): Joe says they add flavor.

Me: (laughing) awww....Thanks!

And so as graciously as I could, I brought home a bag of corn and worms.

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