Tuesday, June 19, 2007

It's all about respect

The last thing I wanted to share from the conference is something that has become a string of challenges to me over the last three or four months. I don't remember where it started. I've just noticed a pattern. And a pattern of challenges in the same area, usually means I've got some work to do.

During one of the conference sessions, Ken Ham wasn't speaking so Michael and I had to choose other workshops to attend. He chose one on music and I went to one about helping wives support their husband's vision.

The following questions were asked to give us some idea of whether or not we were supporting and respecting our husbands and their dreams:

Am I more inclined to to teach my husband or listen to him?
Ouch. Yeah, definitely teach.

Do I see my mission to be my husband's completer?
I had never considered this before. Knowing that we are two halves of a whole, though, reminds me that I may be strong where he is weak. Also, that Michael may be stronger where I am weak. We complement and complete each other. I'm not supposed to be good at everything and neither is he. I don't want to expect that of him. We should be able to lean on each others strengths.

Do I see the care and management of my household as a blessed and glorious mission?
Uh. No. Not even kinda. I'm not sure 'blessed and glorious mission' should be in same sentence as 'care and management of the house'.

So, I learned pretty quickly, at least from the perspective of the speaker, that I have some things to work on as far as being a wife. Maybe a few areas with some growth potential. This has been one in a long line of 'wife' related teachings I've heard lately, where I've felt the challenge to change some things. I probably need to write down some specific goals to help me get started, but I know I'm going to be focusing on the house. I need to clear out and simplify so that I can manage it with some success. Michael has often asked if I could just have the kitchen clean when he gets home from work. That's not asking a lot, and I should be able to do that much. It's a start anyway.

(Ephesians 5:33 -However, each one of you also must love his wife as he loves himself, and the wife must respect her husband.)

We also had the opportunity to hear Emerson Eggerich of Love and Respect Ministries. If you aren't familiar with him, check out the website. It's full of resources, including some videos you can watch online.

I'm off to clean the kitchen... : )

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