Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Dandelion Seeds

Dear Uncle Randy,
Just a short week or so ago, you clarified my heritage for me with such a simple word picture.

"I only have one thing to say about your dress event. Have you ever blew on a dried up dandelion to watch the little seed pods flow thru the air like little paratroopers? (if you havent you need to). Well, just like the wind blows and sends those seeds to land whereever they may fall (preferably in someone elses yard), in a similar way our genes are past down to us from generation to generation. One child my look just like his paternal great grandfather, while his brother may look adopted. As for you, someone blew Grandma W.'s dandelion, and most of the seeds landed on you.
:) - Randy"

I thought it might be of some interest to you, as to where your "dandelion seeds" have landed. Not so many days ago, Brenna, Daniel and I were at Mom and Dad's for dinner on a Thursday evening. We had chicken, potatoes, and green beans. On Daniel's tray was a scattering of chicken bites and green beans. While I was telling some (very important, I'm quite sure) story, my mom started laughing.

Your great nephew was very deliberating picking up each green bean, extending his arm and dropping it on the floor. Then looking over the edge, just to make sure it was gone.

I guess someone blew your dandelion.....

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