Thursday, May 10, 2007

Artwork for a Kid's Room

Several weeks ago I read a description of someone's nursery on their blog. I can't remember exactly who it was, but she'd purchased some decorations from Doodling Art. I followed the link and was impressed with what I found. While I'm not crazy about whimsical art, I LOVE the canvas letters. She matches colors and fabrics so the result is perfect for your room. Considering the detail shown in each one, and the fact that they are each hand painted, I think the price is really reasonable as well.

I'm thinking about doing this for Brenna's birthday this year. I've always wanted to put her name on her wall, but I hadn't settled on a good technique. Plus I was afraid I'd mess it up. : ) I think this would solve those problems! I think all the pretty blue and white flowers from her bedspread and curtains would make a precious set of canvas letters. (Then I can get some for Daniel after he moves to his big bed and we redo his room... in year...)

Check it out here: Doodling Art - Canvas Letters

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