Thursday, April 19, 2007


ahhhh....a moment to sit down and relax. It feels so good. My little guy is cutting upper teeth and they are wreaking havoc on his nose. Today he woke up a little earlier than usual and he's had a fairly fussy demeanor all morning. I could distract him for short periods of time with a few toys, but as soon as he realized I wasn't in the room, he'd throw a fit. It's not that he wanted to be held. He fought that too. I guess he just needed to be able to see me. And so it went all morning.


He stumbled on the magic "not-a-toy" that commanded his attention for nearly a half hour. In my room beside my bed was a half-opened box of plastic barrettes. It took him about five minutes to figure out how to dump the box and then he had all kinds of fun. He rubbed the little bumps on his gums...he chewed on them...he crawled around with them...he stuck them in things and then went back and got them out...It was just great fun. I guess. The barrettes haven't been bent in half yet for use so he couldn't fit a whole one in his mouth. But he could bang them together and make a fun clicking noise. And he could hold them in his hand and crawl at the same time.

I had no idea when I bought those barrettes just how grateful I would be for them! They got me through to the morning nap. Thank goodness for "not-a-toy"s!

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