Wednesday, March 07, 2007

My Wednesday Night

So I did make it out to church tonight. Michael and I drove separately so that I could leave early. My mom was flying in from a business trip so I offered to pick her up at the airport. About the time worship ended, Isnuck out the back door and Michael went to get Brenna from the other room. I checked my cell phone - No new messages. No missed calls.

I was coming at the airport from the back, which is different than the way I normally come in and, as I'm sure you guessed, I got in the wrong lane. I ended up going on the second level, which by the way has about 6 stops across it. Then I got routed into daily parking, where I followed the signs to hourly parking. I got a good spot, right up close to the road. I gathered Daniel's bottle, a spit-up cloth, my keys, my purse, Daniel's hat, Daniel, and Brenna and we headed into the airport. Brenna was carrying a sign she'd made that said "WELCOME HOME GRANDMA".

We made our way up the escalator, even though Brenna lost her balance and I thought we were both going to fall down. Then I checked the displays to make sure the flight was on time, and it was. Gate A7 it said. So we found a seat near the security stand and began to wait. I gave Daniel his bottle and occupied Brenna with finding all the letters of the alphabet. Right about W, my cell phone rang. It was my dad.

Apparently he had called an hour earlier, but my cell phone didn't show the missed call or the message. Mom's flight had been seriously delayed and, as it turned out, she hadn't even boarded the plane in Charlotte yet!!! Oh my, Brenna was so disappointed. It was such a sad sight...her sitting there on the chair with her sign and realizing that we were going to have to go home.

So I gathered my kids and our stuff and made our way back down the escalator to the car. I got everyone buckled in and we headed for the exit. And do you know what just tops off the night? I had to pay $2 and all I got to do was feed Daniel a bottle in the airport!

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