Sunday, March 11, 2007

Extreme Makeover Home Edition

(sniff...sniff...) Hang on a sec. I gotta wipe my eyes....And my nose. I feel the need to shout, " I LOVE THIS SHOW!!" Did you hear me?

(big sigh) Brenna and I watch this show every week without fail. We do not answer the phone during the hour and, yes, we yell, "MOVE THAT BUS!" with Ty at the top of our lungs. It is sacred time at our don't talk during Extreme Makeover. We absolutely love that show.

This week was no exception. Michael didn't have to help at the youth service this evening so we all gathered in the living room to watch tv. Ty didn't let us down! It was a great show and the family they helped were just precious people. I became absolutely certain when I saw their excitement over a dishwasher. That's an appliance I take for granted every single day. I'd be overwhelmed beyond explanation if I had to stand at the sink and wash all the dishes we use every day. So, yeah, it was a really tear jerker of an episode. But oh my, it was worth it! I LOVE that show!

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