Sunday, March 25, 2007

Catching Up

It has been a busy weekend here for us. Friday evening we had company over for dinner, which was totally fun. I love a good dinner party and we thoroughly enjoyed our time. I made Cheddar Corn Chowder from Barefoot Contessa and Michael picked up some good bread on his way home from work. For dessert, I made Brownie Pudding Cake with vanilla icecream and Magic Shell. The recipe is very similar to the Molten Chocolate Cake at Chilis. Everything turned out so yummy and we were able to really get to know our new friends. They are a very sweet couple from our church. (The funny thing is that I was getting ready to type "older couple" when I remembered a little something we discovered that night. It turns out that the wife is 50, but the husband is only 38. That makes him about a year older than Michael! I'll not be referring to them as an older couple, for sure!)

Then on Saturday, after we cleaned up from the dinner party, we headed out to Michael's Dad and Stepmom's new home. They moved about an hour away and we went over to help them unload boxes. I wish I'd taken a picture or two, because no words are going to describe their new place. It's along the river and it is beautiful! There are enough bedrooms for all of us to go and stay and I do believe we will! If ever there was a home that could be described as a relaxing retreat, this would be it!

Today after church I was supposed to have a meeting, but it was cancelled. Instead mom and dad came over with a new lawn mower for Michael! What a generous gift! Michael has spent every summer of our marriage fighting with a lawn mower. He's owned two or three and every one has been trouble. One he took in to Lowe's for repairs and they lost it! Last year he ended up borrowing the neighbor's mower in order to cut the yard. It's been so frustrating! Not any more. This new mower is guaranteed to start every time for 5 years! Huge Blessings. Huge Blessings.

They also brought Brenna an Easter dress that is beyond adorable. I can hardly wait to get pictures done in the dress. Mom has to make a few adjustments to it, because it's a little big, but my little girl is going to be precious for Easter this year.

I guess that's it for the weekend update. I'm so tired I can hardly stay awake. The weather is beautiful and the windows are up. A breeze is blowing through the room and I think I'll just lay down here on the couch and go to sleep.....

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