Monday, January 15, 2007

The Daniel Fast: Day 3

Yesterday was Day 2 of our fast. Breakfast wasn't so good. Oatmeal and honey. I didn't eat much of it, but I also wasn't starving after church like usual. We did have to miss out on cake and ice cream, though. One of the ladies at church turned 89, I think, and they were celebrating. So I bravely picked some up for Brenna and then found somewhere else to be so I wouldn't be tempted. For lunch we had a salad with an Italian Vinaigrette and leftover potatoes from the night before. So far so good. But that's where it sort of fell apart. Michael left for church that evening and I started on dinner: Vegetable Rice Medley. I could tell about half way through making it that I wasn't going to like it. And I was right. Brenna and I tried, but neither of us ate much. So we tried something else I'd read about- a hot banana. I put the bananas on a tray and stuck them in the oven at 350 until the skins turned dark and the banana began to split open. We planned to dip them in honey, but I liked mine better without the honey. It really wasn't too bad. I think I'd probably make them again. Even still, I went to bed a little hungry last night.

Today we were planning to have apple pancakes because Michael has the day off. I'd been looking forward to this because I figured pancakes had to be good...even if they were buckwheat (whatever that is). Unfortunately, we bought the wrong mix- it required eggs and oil and who knows what else, so we couldn't make it. Michael had oatmeal again and I settled for a grapefruit half. Salad for lunch and now I'm thinking about dinner. We're supposed to have Split Pea Soup, but I'm a little scared. I think we've decided to make the soup plus baked potatoes. We'll heat up broccoli to put on the potatoes. That way it won't be so bad if I don't like the soup. Trying all these new things sounded like a good idea when I was planning the meals, but now I'm not so sure. We might have to have stir fry for the rest of the week!

By the way, here's a question I was considering: Did Daniel appear stronger after the 10 days on vegetables and water because he really was stronger or did the overindulgence of the others make them weaker/keep them from being strong? (Daniel 1)

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